from rejection comes redemption

Ok.  So last night, as I pulled my tired personage off the couch at J & J’s and began mounting the stairs on the way to my departure, they casually said, “See you tomorrow!”

And I thought … “What?” (And uh oh … ???)

Turns out I’d committed myself to going to the Third Annual Pizza Olympics a few weeks ago, which was taking place the next night. Remembering this after some prompting, but feeling so utterly and absurdly tired, I mumbled that yeah, I was still in.  I mean, how does one say no to an event that gathers pizza makers from around the great city of Philadelphia, shoves them all into one room, and invites the general eating public to come and vote on their favorite slice?  You just don’t miss that … no matter how much more appealing your bed and sleep may seem at the time!

Fast forward to today ~ I met up with Josh at precisely 6pm, and together we drove down to the location (Penns Landing Caterers) to meet up with Jess (who was coming from the ‘burbs).  As we gathered at Rooney, the couple parked next to us were returning to their car.

“Do you have tickets?”  they asked.

“No,” we responded.

“Might as well get back in your car then.  They aren’t letting any more people in.”

Josh did a double take.  He’d made a call this morning to confirm that we could get tickets at the door.  He’d been waiting to attend this thing since hearing about it two years ago (following the First Annual Pizza Olympics).  The complete and utter devastation that was rumbling under his cool exterior was a sight to behold.  We walked to the front entrance.  The story was true.   And we’d been this close.

So … we did what anyone in our situation in South Philly would do.  We called Tacconellis and asked if they had any dough.  Upon receiving a favorable response, we got back into our vehicles and headed up Columbus Blvd for some of the foh-real, legit, best pizza in town.

It did not disappoint.  Which was lucky for us, but mostly for Josh, who was just not feeling so great about the massive letdown that had occured on the doorstep of the Third Annual Pizza Olympics.

Next year, we’re totally ordering our tickets online.  But for tonight, I’m satisfied to have a leftover slice of spinach, and a leftover slice of mushroom ‘za in the fridge to take for lunch tomorrow.


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