new quest

Today, John and I trekked over to our new gym ~ literally, as it’s within walking distance of our house.

And my new goal began.

I’d like to run a 5K or two, and then the Broad Street run next spring, followed by ~ if I can keep up with it and my legs are cooperative ~ a half marathon next fall.

Let me tell you, after my brief sojourn on the treadmill, I have a long way to go.

But I’ll mark it anyway.  I spent 42 minutes on the treadmill.  I jogged the first mile in a little over ten minutes.  I walked at a 2.0 incline for a few minutes (probably about a half mile or so), and then I jogged another mile.  This one felt waaaaay better than the first mile (which made me wonder if my new, year-long goal was something beyond lofty).  I hit a nice stride, and felt a bit more confident.  I petered out at 30 minutes, then pushed myself to finish the third mile strong ~ which I hit at 34 minutes.  I’d hoped to do three miles in 30 minutes, but seeing as it’s my first time on a treadmill in over a year and half, I’ll take the 34.

Then I walked til John was done lifting at a slight incline.  My quads hate me right now.

It’s dinner and relax time.  We’re gonna munch on some fresh tomatoes that came home with us yesterday, and a few Trader Joe snacks while watching ‘MasterChef.’

Enjoy your Monday night!


road block

I was so pumped on Saturday, because I made it through Max Interval Cardio without taking many breaks, and managed to do all the moves in each interval, sometimes slower than the pros, but pretty consistently, which was not bad, if I say so myself.  Which I did.  All Saturday night.

I also said ‘Ouch’ a lot on Saturday night, because I tweaked a muscle in my back.

So today, when I woke up nice and early to greet Shaun T. with a smile after taking a wee break yesterday, I was pretty bummed that my energy level and ability to get through today’s workout ~ Max Interval Plyo (the Doozer workout which I did last week with flying colors) ~ was pretty sub-par.

The other slightly discouraging thing is that I only have six days of ‘Insanity’ left ~ which would be good if I felt like the stride I was hitting in my progress on Thursday and Saturday of last week were continuing onward and upward.  Instead, I feel like I’ve hit a road block.

Oh Monday.  Usually I don’t mind you so much.