ladies, all the ladies

Check these out if you haven’t … they are scrum-diddli-umptious!  My brother’s lady love, Eli, introduced me, and I cannot thank her enough!

and it friggin' tastes like a s'mores, too!

Had a much more successful reunion with Shaun T. than I had anticipated … the workout (while still reminding me of self-imposed torture) was much easier to keep up with today.  Very uplifting.  I think it may have something to do with the Luna Protein Bar (chocolate peanut butter!) I scarfed before buckling down to the Max Interval Circuit (which is the über long one, btw).

I’m starting to get that getting healthy is an on-going process … I just have to keep my chin up and keep trying my best ~ even when I have a bad day.  Little by little I know I’ll make progress.  (The turtle and the hare come to mind … my patience wishes that results arrived like the hare … but my mind & body are hoping that by getting there via the turtle, the results last longer).

It’s funny how just when I thought I had hit a brick wall 45 million feet thick (I exaggerate a little sometimes … I’m sure you’ve picked up on that) ~ today happens, and all of a sudden, Shaun T. doesn’t look like such a sadist.

But, that is just today! 😉


I sat bolt upright this morning when I remembered that Rooney (my Mini) had an appointment with destiny at 8am.  Well, not really destiny, more like inspectors … but since her tags expired last Thursday, it was pretty important that I get my hiney out of bed and over to the dealership asap.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t set an alarm, so I was running juuuust a leeeettle beet late.  Whoops.

Luckily, the people who work for Mini are potentially the nicest people on the face of the planet.  Big props to Mini for being a pretty rockstar company.

A short 45 minutes later (and a delish soy chai from Starbucks) Rooney was ready to hit the road, and she’d even gotten a bath.  If you noticed, she’s the gorgeous colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers ~

house-warming present from my Mama Bear

And she’s named after the family who has owned and run one of the NFL’s best franchises since the Steelers were founded (and originally called the Pirates!), the Rooney’s.  Clearly, I’m biased, but I have great admiration for a family that runs their business with the kind of integrity, spirit and soul that the Rooney’s possess (and, to be fair to the man, the Mara’s -owners of the Giants- have, too).  As we like to say, real football teams don’t have cheerleaders!

So, I wanted to follow up quickly to my Eeyore Day last week.  It’s always rough when you get the glums, and can’t seem to shake them.  And I think the best thing to do is dig deep, and take action instead of giving in to being bummed.

Some things I did last Thursday to cheer myself up.

I painted my little piggies.

french done at home

It took me a little bit more time than usual ~ I used to do french pedis all the time, but got out of the habit~ … and I’m glad I did it.  It always makes a girl feel good when her toes look nice in sandals, right?

I drank a lot of water.

I always try to drink a lot of water, but being hydrated definitely helps kick fatigue.  Plus, when you do Insanity work outs (like most workouts), you sweat so much, that you have to keep re-hydrating.

Sometimes, I don’t want to drink any more water, but I forced myself to on Thursday ~ I try to drink my minimum of 64 ounces a day, and more if I can.  Just constantly drinkin’ agua.  Yummy.


I went outside and enjoyed some new flowers that are blooming.  Somehow, if you’re stuck inside all day, it’s way more depressing.  Gotta get some A & D from natural sun rays …

Pretty purple to go with the dazzling orange of our Tiger Lilies.

I also tried the massage techniques described in my GOOP newsletter.  Once I stopped thinking about it, and expecting miracles to happen, it was pretty relaxing.  But I’m gonna guess that it’s not as satisfying as having someone else do the massaging (which costs moola that I don’t currently have … bummer).


One thing I have absolutely learned over time is that when I eat well, and exercise, I feel better.  Thursday was an anomaly … I hadn’t had too many glasses of vino, or eaten junk food.  I was just weighed down by stress.  And stress can wreak havoc on a person physically and mentally.

Shaun T. and I didn’t have a wildly successful workout, but it did boost my spirits a bit, and combined with a little water and some pampering (in the form of a home pedi), I was feeling better by the time I curled up in bed.

The hardest thing to do is find the will to put the workout duds on, and get motivated to get sweaty.  Especially when all I wanted to do was stay snuggled in bed.  But the days that I sleep in feel less productive and more frustrating than the ones when I get my butt out of bed.  Early bedtime and good rest is way better than ‘sleeping in,’ which just kind of leaves me groggy all day.  Something of a letdown of a revelation, but it’s better to know than to keep feeling yuck.

I’ve got 16 more days of ‘Insanity’, and then I’m hoping that the Planet Fitness is open across the street (no words can describe how totally psyched John and I were when it was finally revealed that the empty car dealership on our street was becoming a gym … fabuloso!).  I have a couple ideas up my sleeve to keep myself working out and moving forward & motivated.  But I’m not ready to share yet, so when I am, y’all will be the first to know.

Enjoy the short week!  In the infamous words of Gupta from “The Terminal” (and a favorite expression of a great friend & myself) …

Don’t hate the Toosday! 😀