right now

I had a totally different idea of what I would pontificate on this evening.  It involved ‘brownies’ and ‘from scratch’ ~ but due to an unexpected evening happy hour, I am going to have to post pone my attempts to recreate a masterpiece I experienced today until Thursday ~ as tomorrow is occupied with WeHangsDay, and I have a pretty nifty plan in store!

Some thoughts I have right now:

1.  Never ever do ‘Insanity’ after 2 glasses of wine, steak tartar and a soy chai latte on the drive home.  Ever.  I’m very serious about this.  It wasn’t until the last ten minutes that I could fully concentrate on working out and not on keeping the contents of my stomach right where they were (aka, in my stomach).  I confused ambition & will power with common sense.  Whoops.

2.  Air conditioning is a beautiful thing.

3.  ‘Radio Times’ with Marty Moscowan on NPR can be a truly thought-provoking two hours.  I’m still mulling over this morning’s discussion on journalism ethics.

4.  I write this blog for me mostly (it’s my hobby, remember? hehe!), and love that anyone reads it and enjoys it.  But I really love it when my Mama Bear reads it, because she’s totally my hero and idol and all that I wish and strive to be as a human being.  And when she reads my words and likes them, I need no other praise.

5.  When I cook something good, my heart hurts that my grandmother isn’t here to see it.  She would have been more than surprised that I ever made something edible, but she also would have been infinitely proud.  I miss her every single day.

6.  I’m very nervous about the current state of the NFL.  Please, dear Football Gods, please give us a 2011 season.  I’ll even take eight games only if necessary.  But don’t cancel it entirely.

7.  I love these lines from one of my favorite movies ~ and I’ve never even been to Iowa.  Must be awfully beautiful and magical.  (Guess the movie!)

“Is this heaven?”

“No… it’s Iowa!”

P.S. While searching for an image, I found out they made a Field of Dreams 2 … which just almost upset my poor stomach as much as ‘Insanity.’  Yowza, what a bad idea!

8. I love learning.  I miss learning.  If only there was a great class I could audit on Roman anthropology and mythology, I’d be there in a hot second.

9.  I have a countdown on for two things ~ I know, decadent, eh? July 15th ~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II hits theatres, and so do John and I to see it.  Unfortunately, my HP movie buddy from the last few years will be in Maine (boo!) but I’m gonna see it on opening day anyway.  Also equally important (and marked in bold red in my date book since February when the date was announced) is the release of Daniel Silva’s new Gabriel Allon book, Portrait of a Spy.  I’m totally addicted to the series, and mark the release dates of the newest addition every year.  That’s on July 19th, and I will be waiting outside B & N in Rittenhouse first thing Tuesday morning.  Yippee!!

10.  I really can’t wait to make those brownies.  But after ‘Insanity’ today, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them.  But man oh man, they were soooooooooo good.