A Very Good Place to Start

This blog started out as my ode to food blogs.  I wasn’t a good cook (too many years in the restaurant industry) and I found myself grown up, and unable to feed myself.

It did help me learn to cook.  It made cooking fun.

But then I was diagnosed with M.S.  And that sort of throws your life into a tailspin.  So now, this blog is a place I can come and scream into the abyss.  About life, about M.S.  About nothing.  And if you are interested in going on the journey, I welcome you with open arms.


If you’d like, you can contact me at simplygwyneth [at] gmail [dot] com.


6 thoughts on “A Very Good Place to Start

  1. Congrats on the start of a new adventure! I really think that writing a blog is perfect for you. John is a wise man who knows you well. The best part is that I now have another website to go to when I get bored at work! Every time you think you reach the end of the internet you find something new.

  2. Hi sweetie – just caught up on your life and goings-on – my but you d a wonderful job with your website – it’s so interesting, refreshing and visually enticing! The recipes are divine – aren’t you clever and innovative! Have you missed your calling? Should you be a chef-ess? Anyway, love the whole thing and I hope your evening isn’t gray! xxxx

  3. Love your blog and enjoy the images even more!!! Your main pic is my most favorite especially since I see my grape vine wreath in it; did you take those pics? HHHhhhmmmmm, hopefully you will blog about our candelight wine and peanuts in the shell evenings under the leafy canopy of your farmette….

    • So glad you took some time to check out my little space! I take most of the pictures on the blog (or, if I’m using online images, I find them!) ~ sometimes, I’ll ask John to use some of his, because he takes gorgeous pictures and has a much better handle on lighting, focus and composition than me. One gorgeous night we’ll have to bring the camera out to take some images of the candelabra ~ and peanut shells!

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