so long … farewell

Auf wiedersehen, good night.

I’m a big grown up girl, but I still get a little weepy when my man goes away for long periods of time.

Luckily, everyone has really stepped up to the plate, and I should be able to get through the next few days (weeks?) just fine.  I’ve got cooking experiments to do, work obligations that are a mile high, and lots of cleaning (I decided awhile ago that I would holy stone the entire apartment while the man was internationally jet-setting).

We set up Skype today (wow, that’s a cool thing!) so I’ll be able to show him all my attempts at cooking solo.  And of course, he can keep up with my inner monologue through this blog (his true motives come to light!  nah … just kidding!).

As a ‘last supper’ we ventured out to a neighborhood joint and enjoyed a delish Greek pizza (to absolutely be replicated over the next few days!) and the totally guilty pleasure of indulging in gossip TV.  ** I did not know that so many completely unimportant and irrelevant things were happening in Hollywood that TMZ felt the need to document.  Wow!

In the immortal words of the entire cast of The Sound of Music (yes, I make a lot of musical theatre references … because it was my first & everlasting love) ~ The sun has gone to bed and so must I … so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen good night … The man has an early flight, and I want as much snuggle time as possible before he goes!