in honor of …

I am almost literally propping my eyelids open as I write this.  Who knew that fatigue existed to this unbearable extent?  Oh wait … I’m pretty sure doctors knew ….

Tonight I was treated to another dinner, a regular WeHangsDay evening, but J & J, with twinkles in their eyes, served dried and fried plantains, in honor of the man (and more specifically, where he is).

By the time I arrived (*ahem* fashionably late … or so I told myself as I raced to get there), I was ravenous.  (I know, I know, when am I not?  “Excellent question”, says Mr. Burns).

I practically inhaled the dried plantains and tomato sauce (which I thought was salsa, but was pleasantly surprised to find it was better!), finished my burrito before either had eaten half, and then had more (yes, I know, but it was sooooo goooooood).

My delightful hosts ~ after the majority of my food was gone ~ casually asked if I took pictures of food I didn’t make.

Grrr.  Whoops.  I need more sleep!

Suffice it to say, simple is always classically perfect, and tonight, J & J served up scrumptious burrito fixins and I piled up grated cheese, garden fresh tomatoes, arugula, perfectly ripe avocado slices and juicy seasoned chicken cooked to utter perfection by Mr. J on a warm and gooey soft flour wrap …. and then housed it.  I mean, I devoured that thing as though if I stopped, it might run away or disappear.

Wish I’d savored its sweet perfection a little more ~ the flavors were so divine … not too much, not too little.  If I wasn’t stuffed to the brim (and beyond, to be honest) I’d probably be getting hungry again just thinking about it.

When my eyelids inevitably drop, I know I’ll dream about it.  It was too good not to.

And yes, I know I’m raving about a few simple ingredients wrapped together in a smorgasbord of taste in each bite … but it totally and completely hit the spot.


PS.  Peeps, I have officially joined Twitter. (You heard it here first … unless you’re addicted to twitter and already knew … in which case, you heard it there first).   Yowza, it’s a complete inundation of soundbites and snapshots of information (in 160 characters or less, if you please) from … well … every person on the face of the planet, their dogs, chia pets, and stuffed monkeys.  Holy moly, I had no idea.  If you get the hankering, check me out @simplygwyn.  True story.

So, now that I’ve written a complete post in a state of nearly drunken fatigue, I think the only proper thing to do is get my sorry self into bed, and get some zzzzz’s.

Until tomorrow.  Buonanotte!

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