driving in the country

our favorite part of the ride

This afternoon we are heading south again, to have dinner with my uncle, recently arrived from the UK.  My mother, one of the best cooks ever, has promised succulent lamb chops on the grill, fresh grilled garden tomatoes topped with goat cheese (one of John’s favorite side dishes) and some baby new potatoes.

We’re gonna hit the road soon, and I’m hoping to get some good snaps of the Southern Chester County countryside to share with everyone.

The weather seems practically perfect (again!) and even though the Steelers managed to lose their first pre-season game, I’m looking forward to a nice weekend with the man and the family, and Jorge Dos.

Driving …

it sort of makes me want to ride a bike ... sort of

Dinner …

Thickly sliced garden tomatoes, spread evenly on an aluminum foil lined tray, topped with salt, pepper, basil (dried or fresh, if you prefer) crumbly goat cheese and balsamic syrup (reduction).  Cooked in the oven at 375 for about seven minutes.  Yum.

Thick-cut lamb chops from the Country Butcher, seasoned with a little pepper, garlic powder and Worcestershire Sauce, cooked expertly on the grill by the GrillMaster himself, my dad.





Dinner is served  ….My delicious plate  …

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