A Day at Cabela’s

I love the statue out front

Many months ago (we couldn’t quite remember if it was a year ago, or a year and half) John took me to Cabela’s for the first time.  I was utterly blown away.  It was SO much more than a store.  I felt like a small child experiencing something so totally outside of my knowledge and experience ~ big wide eyes, jaw dropped … I couldn’t quite take it all in.

I mean, to begin with, I did not think so many taxidermied animals could all be in one place.

Elk is so regal, and compared to deer (whitetail or mule) it’s gi-normous.  My favorite mounts (or as I like to call them, “Dead Heads,” are Elk and Caribou … aka Reindeer … beautiful). 

I heart moose

Next, have you ever seen the amount of gadgets & gizmos made for fishing, hunting and camping? I mean, the stuff is ridic!  No joke.

Today we went back to get John stocked up on some necessities for his upcoming hunting trip out west.  Cabela’s was no less impressive.  Some pics of our three hours wandering around the store.  Even for a non-hunting, non-camping gal, I think it’s a really fun place, and if you have the opportunity, you should check it out.

I went on safari back in 2008, and the display of African game at Cabela’s is also pretty impressive.

The Hefalump and moi



Simba stalking his prey

And don’t worry  … there’s a tunnel full of fish, too!

Entering the Fish Tunnel! (I make a lot of weird faces)

John checkin' out the frozen fishies

And just when you think there are no more deer …  you find the entire wing called “Deer Country.”

Wall of Record-Breaking Racks

I didn’t get a pic of the polar bears (I was a picture taking maniac everywhere else, tho!) but I did get a picture of these guys … brrrrr, cold!

And to round things out, a quote from President Theodore Roosevelt ….

Now, I’m not a hunter.  But I thoroughly enjoyed Cabelas.