for minda

Dear Readers,

I would like to amend my post from last evening for the sake of my very dear friend.  She has a huge pet peeve about this, and technically, she’s right, so please let me amend as such:

John covered the cookie tray with ALUMINUM FOIL.  🙂

Tin and aluminum have totally different properties (side-note: what was not my strongest subject in high-school? answer … chemistry).  Most importantly, density and specific heat, which allows a person to touch aluminum when it comes out of the *very hot* oven; tin would not exhibit the same properties (and one would most likely burn oneself upon touching it).

So, for Minda on her 4th wedding anniversary.

1.  I love ya.  And your hubby.  Happy Quatro Anos.  Big <3hearts <3 always.

2. I will continue to make a concerted effort to call it aluminum foil, because that’s what it is.  (I will, on occasion, fail.  Please be patient!).

3.  But even if I forget, I will amend it, and tell you I love ya.

Good friends are amazing to find.  Through thick and thin, good and bad, all that blah blah jazz … Minda has been a great friend.  So, despite receiving a text message about my grievous error concerning aluminum and tin at the lowest point of my day, when I was feeling as though possibly, I couldn’t get anything right – she was a total gem and explained (again, I confess) the error of my ways.

Happy Anniversary Minda.

With love always,