dos meses

I am having a very nice glass of wine to celebrate two months ~ yes, eight whole weeks! ~ of this blog, and me sending my inner monologue out into the void of the Internet.

I indulged in sushi this evening for the first time since the man’s been gone ~ I completely meant to make a really great recipe with quinoa, salmon and kale, but the draw of raw fish, sticky rice, avocado and spicy mayo was just too strong.  Keep watching this space!  It’s coming!

Upon my arrival home, I posed this question ~ Wine: terribly wonderful, or wonderfully terrible?  At first, it seems a given, but  … can one be totally sure?  I’d pontificate, but I’m actually ready for bed before 1am, and the allure of sinking into my comfy sheets and drifting off to dreamland for longer than five hours is so tempting, I have to scurry off to bed immediately ~ before the feeling passes!

One thought before I wrap this up and drift into much needed slumber ….

If wine is indeed the nectar of the Gods … do they use it amongst men for good … or evil?  (I’m not supposing anything religiously ~ just using the mythology of the pantheon of gods ~ wondering how Dionysus/Bacchus – you may choose your poison … Greek or Roman  – wielded his power when he was one of the kings …).