Things I love about Hilton Head

So, as I have mentioned, my family has been vacationing in Hilton Head for a very long time (my parents even came here on their honeymoon!).

There are many things I love about the island ~ here are a few …

1.  They have zoning laws that prevent tall buildings and neon signs ~ everything is very low key and rustic.

2.  Because it started out as a sporting vacation spot, the island is covered in golf courses and tennis courts … which are green, and very pretty.

3.  The island is also criss-crossed with really nice bike trails, so you bike everywhere ~ there are always bike racks to lock up your beach cruiser, and anyone who has ever been here before (and even the newbies, because you learn quick!) knows that as a motorist, you have to always be aware of the bike traffic.

Regular Bike Trail

Trail to the Beach








4.  The beaches are huge and beautiful, and un-commercialized.




5.  There are tons of outdoor cafes, bars and restaurants with gorgeous views.

Skull Creek Boathouse's Outdoor Patio & Bar

6.  There is something to do for all ages ~ the island even has a mini-water park for kids.

7.  The seafood is ridic.  And most restaurants serve She Crab Soup (my ultimate fav!)

Some pics of where we bought the scallops, clams, shrimp & crab legs …




8. There are a bunch of water-related activities to do … dolphin watches, wave runners, catamarans, mystery boat dinner cruises, sailboats … you name it, it’s probably down here.

Some pics from our sunset sail on “Cheers” … set up by my little brother, who couldn’t make it due to food poisoning.  Poor guy.

Setting sail on "Cheers"

Eli near the bow of the boat

Sunset from the Boat

(The cloud formations and color due to Miss Irene were ah-may-zing … so incredible that the camera couldn’t quite capture it all … sad face).

Heading home on "Cheers"

Irene's Crazy Clouds

Skull Creek Marina

And one when we were landlubbers once again …

I’m off for a ride on the beach on one of our sexy beach cruisers.  I love this island!