email overload

So, everyday I get a few email blasts from things I signed up for at a time long forgotten, back when I was full of naive hope and bright new dreams.  These email blasts come from Yoga sites, Eat This Not That, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Fitness …. You get the drift.

I signed up for them after reading a list of things that keep people motivated when they are trying to get in shape and establish a workout regime.  One suggestion?  Get healthy fitness and diet reminders daily ~ it will keep your goal fresh in your mind, and keep you motivated.

They worked at first.  I would take notes on post-its as I read the articles, and plan a whole ‘healthy’ notebook that I was going to compile, filled with information I found interesting, helpful, completely b.s. etc.

On the plus side, I still have the post-its.

For a few months, the emails would get highlighted at the beginning of every day, and ‘Marked As Read,’ even though, as I am sure you guessed, they weren’t read.

Recently, however, I feel that some cosmic force is trying to send me a message.

“Five Unusual Signs that Indicate You’re Stressed”

“Top Ten Foods that Beat Stress”

“Yoga for Stress Relief”

…. do you see the pattern?

The thing is, I am actually super stressed.

No, not because we got a dog.

Well … even that’s not entirely true.  It’s a factor, I can’t say it isn’t … it’s a GOOD factor, but it’s January, and I thought that my life would de-stress after the holidays, but as each day slips by, the truth is rearing its ugly head.  My life has gotten MORE stressful.

Yeah.  I know.  You’re jealous.

So, as I struggle to keep the acrobatic juggling act flowing, know that I have a lot of things to blog about … and I’m figuring out how to find the time every day.


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