in the fridge & fatigue-inspired ramblings

I haven’t been a total slacker this week.

The man left for his interminably long business trip on Monday morning at the crack of dawn (bleary-eyed me drove him to the airport at 4.30a, and of course, it was one of the only snowy and gross days we’ve have this winter, which made it even more fun!).

I made spinach and butternut squash lasagna over the weekend to accompany our first venison feast  …. Stop.  Rewind a minute. Let me re-phrase slightly.

I attempted spinach & butternut squash lasagna.  It came out pretty well except for the completely un(der?)cooked squash that has to picked out because it’s rock hard.

So, in reality, it’s more like a spinach and mushroom lasagna.  And I have two helpings today, but there’s still more than half a pan in the fridge.

Plus the venison.

And the fixings for the Venison Cobb Salad that I made for WeHangsDay (it was yummy … tomaters, blue cheese, bacon, hard-boiled egg, guacamole, venison, baby spinach leaves ….mmmm).

And the yogurt I bought (because yogurt is one of the eight foods you should try to eat daily …. another piece of email blast wisdom).

And in the cupboard are the cans of Chickarina Soup (I love it).

So much food, and I have barely touched it.

Plus, I got ingredients to try to make a Pizza Sandwich in the press (three-cheese bread, pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, pasta sauce from Paul Newman ~ because really, how can you say no to Paul Newman? ~ fresh mozzarella …).  I feel like I need to start eating just because I don’t want all the food to go to waste.

I even have a container of hard-boiled eggs, because when I made them for the salad, I thought, well, I’ve been so hungry lately, it might be nice to have one as a mid-morning snack.

But since the man left, I haven’t really been all that hungry.

Lucy and I have gotten up every day, we’ve had breakfast (read: Lucy has breakfast while I try to make the bed, get dressed, use the bathroom and be ready to go for a walk before she’s done hoovering up her food) and we’ve jogged/walked for at least 30-45 minutes.

Then the day gets hectic.  It’s all about getting home, and getting ready for work, and getting Lucy ready for while I’m at work (Please God, try to inspire me to fill the Kong with Peanut Butter at night before bed, so that it’s ready as a distraction when I slip out the door), and making sure that I’ve read all the emails and forwarded all the reports, and  … gosh, I start to feel tired just thinking about it.

I actually packed a lunch yesterday (pop quiz hotshot ~ what was it?  … oh, just some Venison Cobb Salad that is still in the fridge at work in my new tupperware and won’t be good to eat on Monday) and forgot I was training my new assistant, so didn’t take a break at all because training eats up so much time … all of a sudden it was time to rush home and see what disasters awaited me from Lucy’s time in captivity.

And then that’s the thing … you get to the end of the day, and you’re exhausted, and then when you get home, it’s another 30-45 minutes of cleaning up, and then Lucy’s dinner time.  And then outside to go potty.  And …. then it’s time for my dinner.  And, to be honest, a heftly glass of vino.

Tomorrow my little brother and his lady are visiting, and I’m so looking forward to it.  Hopefully it’s fun for Lucy to meet more people.  And we’re planning a fire-pit, and mom & dad are coming, and hopefully my biff, Minda and her hubby and puppy and beautiful little munchkin Rosa.

The thing is … I mean, what I’m trying to say is … well, I’m tired.  But even though the man is miles away, and I’m doing it all on my own, I’m okay.

So my fridge is full, and my puppy isn’t potty-trained.

It could be worse.  😉

One thought on “in the fridge & fatigue-inspired ramblings

  1. girl, don’t you know you can do absolutely anything? you are amazing and your beautiful soul will get you through. like you tweeted…time goes really fast these days, and before you know it the mister will be home to be your partner once again and cuddle you at night and hug you in the morning with a sweet reminder that he’s proud of you. So what if some food goes wasted or a pillow gets chewed, life goes on and there’s always more good days to come.
    xo always

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