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So …  when I started this blog I was still learning my way around organizing (posts, pages, etc).  This is the first recipe that I ever mastered and it’s still one of my favorites. I’ve modified it over the years to get better flavor, or to save some calories (I almost always use Greek yogurt in any recipe that calls for sour cream). Sometimes, when I’m feeling really inspired, I make my own pastry.  And a lot of times I’ll buy some fun, different cheese, and grate it or just cube it myself.  But I recommend either mozzarella or cheddar as a base.  This isn’t a really egg-y quiche (only 2 eggs per dish), and it packs a good punch with lots of spinach.  I love it as breakfast, but we also portion it up for lunch, or add it as a side dish for dinner.  Very versatile ~ which is a really good thing!

Spinach & Mushroom Quiche

Here’s what I use:

1 pkg 9″ deep dish pie crusts (either in the silver tins, or roll-out dough to be used in your own pie dishes.  Here’s the thing ~ when a person never cooks, such as myself for many a year ~ one learns how to make dishes while needing very little as start up).

Dough in pie dish.
Then trimmed and edged with a fork.

Simple simple!



2 bags shredded cheese (I prefer mozzarella and a cheddar mix, but go wild with your preferences … I might advise against anything with seasoning in it, but as I’ve never used shredded cheese with seasoning, it could be a miraculous discovery.  Some cheeses I’ve used in the past ~ brie, feta, colby jack.  All successful.  But slightly more time consuming. Next up, John is voting for Smoked Gouda because it’s his new favorite cheese).





2 boxes mushrooms (either sliced, or you can do it yourself ~ I usually get a box of button, and a box of baby bellas for that extra flavor).  If you don’t do mushrooms, just eliminate completely.  It won’t affect the quiche at all.





2 boxes frozen shredded spinach (here’s the time-consuming part ~ thawing and squeezing it until it gets as dry as you can get it).

16 oz Greek Yogurt, plain non-fat.  (If you must, you can substitute sour cream).

4 large eggs





1 large container of French Fried Onions (** hint hint, this is the secret ingredient!)

Here’s what I do:

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. (I have a little Easy Bake Oven ~ you know, those lovely small space savers.  It’s not calibrated correctly, so I’ve learned over time how to adjust.  In general, 375 works for the quiche.  It’s my go-to temperature.)

2.  Combine cheese, sliced mushrooms in large mixing bowl.

3.  Beat eggs and greek yogurt together separately.

4.  Add egg/yogurt mixture and spinach to cheese and mushrooms.  Stir together to create a good blend.





5.  Add fried onions last, and stir in completely.

6.  Spoon mixture into both pie crusts ~ spread evenly.

7.  Bake in oven for 45 minutes to an hour.  You’ll know when it’s done by pressing the middle of the quiche.  Instead of being mushy, it’ll have a little body to it.
The greatest part about this recipe is that if you have bacon, and you want to add it, go for it.  Or perhaps chunks of ham?  Maybe you want to do half spinach, half broccoli?  It’ll work.   If you don’t want two quiche?  Put one pie crust in the freezer, and cut the ingredients in half.  Simple simple.


2 thoughts on “go-to goodness

  1. Gwyneth! I am amazed! Your blog (ugly word, isn’t it?) is wonderful! You write superbly – your recipes are mouth-watering and I am just enthralled by what you are creating!!! The pictures are superb. Did John take them? Clever lad!

    I loved what you just wrote about travelling! You’re right – if I had lots of money I’d put up with all the nonsense just to be foot-loose and fancy free again.

    Anyway, I’m deeply impressed! Keep it up!

    All my love,

    Aunty Lenny xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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