So, as one may have surmised, this week has been heavy on the stress.

And now, despite a ton of water, taking out my contacts, washing my face, and popping some Excedrin, my head is still pounding like a champion behind my left eye.

Sometimes the intense nature of my job catches up with me.  Don’t get me wrong — I actually love what I do.  I feel like it’s the perfect combination of restaurant and business and I think I’m (usually) pretty good at it.  I certainly stumble (as we all do) and I am always learning.   The company is growing, and that means there are more things to consider, but it also means more options.

It also means there are more people interested in how and why we do what we do.  And that microscope is on me, since I run the daily business operations.  It can be slightly overwhelming and exhausting.  Especially since I already have the nifty handicap of having MS (which restricts how many hours a day I can work — because I need my rest, otherwise sh*t hits the fan).

All of that, plus a house in boxes, and the excited anticipation of buying our first home — well, it’s a lot for this little girl.  And now, this migraine is making me stop and take a break.

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