change in the weather

Y’know that scene in Mary Poppins — when the wind changes?  And then all of a sudden, life changes?  I feel that way about the first true cold snap in the fall.

Now, to be fair, I missed the first one — I was lounging by a pool in Austin Texas, trying to summon the strength to — well, do anything — following a three-day juice fast. Er, cleanse. Detox? (Sorry, terminology.  Gets me every time.)  But this evening, the cool seemed to descend as the sun sank in the sky, and I shivered –legitimately — when Lucy and I ambled around the yard.  And it knew it was real.  Mmmm…. I love it.

I’ve been attempting to sit and write all week — but my journey home on Sunday kicked my butt (who knew Philadelphia was so popular a destination from Austin TX, that one cancelled flight could throw and entire day into chaos? … Oh, right, there is only one flight from Austin to Philadelphia … that would explain it!) And then returning to work didn’t help with the fatigue.  And taking care of Lucy solo — while always a joy, because she is a joy — can also be somewhat exhausting.  So here I am, Thursday night, just sitting down to clickety clack on the keyboard.  And all that’s coming out are rambles.  Haha!

I spent last week in a truly incredible place — also completely surreal and outside of my previous scope of reality — and it has had such an impact, that it has begun to influence nearly every decision I make.  Especially in terms of food.  Which is tough.

I have a journal that I kept — notes from classes and thoughts jotted down in incomplete sentences.  But my brain is so loosey goosey right now, I think I would do a huge disservice to the program I attended if I tried in any way to write about it right now.

Instead, I think I’m going to curl up under some soft blankies with my puppy, listen to her soft snuffles, and fall asleep about ten minutes into whichever movie I choose to pop into the BluRay.  And then tomorrow, there will be no more sleeps left until the man gets home, and life will be right again.