photo friday ~ diner en blanc

We were much less stressed out this year ~ we already had our table, and our chairs.  However, I was hobbling around with my right leg in a walking cast, so we got to our departure spot pretty early.

This year the pop-up picnic doubled in size, and Philadelphia shut down the whole stretch of JFK Blvd between 22nd and 30th Street station.  No water fountain, but still pretty impressive!

We were smarter this year and brought easy, finger food from the restaurant.  Meat, cheese and veggies (we both avoided the bread even though it’s so.utterly.delicious.  Grr, gluten!)

They had a pretty slick Rolls Royce as a big party decoration near the dance floor.







The moon was out.  Humid though it was, the weather was alright.  It was a good night.  Here’s ’til next year.

2 thoughts on “photo friday ~ diner en blanc

  1. Matt and I want to come along next year (if you’ll have us)…can you try to remember to let us know when it is so we can join you lovelies.


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