#photofriday ~ home

I was feeling a little sentimental about our house today (which we .. erm, the man … cleaned because tomorrow we are throwing my little brother a little fete).

We have lived here for over four years.  It is nearly the longest I have lived anywhere.  It’s where John and I began as an us, it’s where we celebrated our marriage … our home means the world to me.  Happy Friday.

Please note that Lucy has her own mansion within our home.  And her toys belong … well, wherever she wants to leave them.  🙂

grateful #photofriday

I’ve never seen my husband cry.  He’s not that sort of guy.  But today, on the phone, he said his eyes were full of tears of joy.

Today brought us some truly great news.  I don’t think I realized the weight I was carrying and how it was eating away at me until the fear went away this morning.  Heavy, right?

Some pictures that make me happy for today’s #photofriday

Two of my favorite places on Earth ~ Jackson Hole, WY and Bamburgh, Northumberland.  (Yes, Bamburgh does actually look like that).

I cannot express into words how much I love my little brother.  It’s a lot.  I’m lucky to have such an awesome sibling. I just wish there were more pics of us at this age.  Too cute.

My dad, my brother dressed up as Richie Tenenbaum and me at a PSU tailgate.  A tradition we have had since before I was born.  Penn State is part of who I am.


My mama and my aunt.  The twins.  Both incredible people, and the best examples of being a strong, smart, independent woman.

The family John and I have built together over the past five plus years.  Couldn’t have survived this summer without my man and my pup.  They are my whole heart and soul. (PS.  This isn’t the most flattering photo of the two of us, but it is our whole family, including Lucy’s beloved Dragon Draco).

Happy Friday the 13th.  Xo.

photo friday ~ diner en blanc

We were much less stressed out this year ~ we already had our table, and our chairs.  However, I was hobbling around with my right leg in a walking cast, so we got to our departure spot pretty early.

This year the pop-up picnic doubled in size, and Philadelphia shut down the whole stretch of JFK Blvd between 22nd and 30th Street station.  No water fountain, but still pretty impressive!

We were smarter this year and brought easy, finger food from the restaurant.  Meat, cheese and veggies (we both avoided the bread even though it’s so.utterly.delicious.  Grr, gluten!)

They had a pretty slick Rolls Royce as a big party decoration near the dance floor.







The moon was out.  Humid though it was, the weather was alright.  It was a good night.  Here’s ’til next year.

first photo friday

I wanted to choose a day to share a picture or two instead of lots of words.  Here’s my debut Photo Friday.

My baby girl Miss Lucy Lou









Can’t do a photo day without one of Miss Lucy.









Beautiful outdoor seating in Aspen for the Food & Wine Classic.

Miss Lucy & Mr Jack enjoying treats









The only moment (well, one of very few) when they weren’t playing together like crazy pups.

My school, my pride








It’s been a long and winding road these past few years.  But I will never not be full of Penn State pride.

Til tomorrow. xo