Skincare follow-up!!

Okay, so I thought of a few helpful things I wanted to share with you after detailing my whole skincare routine.  I think this stuff is SUPER important, so here goes.



There is a huge difference between skincare and make-up.  HUGE.  Skincare should be practiced whether you wear make-up or not, and when you use Rodan + Fields, the opportunity to have bare skin presents itself often.  Skincare is about the health of your skin, the texture, moisture and general well-ness of your skin.  Make-up, on the other hand, is about appearances. I love a good make-up and have been supremely happy with my Juice Beauty products (certified organic). But, I choose to use Rodan + Fields skincare because I’ve tried organic skincare solutions, and have been wildly disappointed.  And I drink a lot of water.  And have a green smoothie every morning. (Amongst other, healthy habits). So I am pretty healthy.  Which leads me to my next point …..


Rodan + Fields is a regimen.  What makes it so brilliant is its simplicity.  And of course, you can add in enhancements or double up on your regimens, but R+F makes skincare easy and approachable for anyone.  HOWEVER.  You have to make skincare a ritual in your life. Because R+F is designed to work when done consistently.  Sure, you can use moisturizer once and it will make your skin feel better.  But the regimens and products of R+F are targeted to do specific things (and they are good at them!) so it’s really important that if you decide to take the plunge, that you follow the regimen (including the ramping up, because most people’s skin is not ready for the onslaught all at once because most people don’t have a whole routine). Taking consistently good care of your skin is important! It’s like brushing your teeth.  These products are broken down into very easy, understandable steps.  Don’t skip any!  Learn the regimen first before messing around with it.  Because ….


I think there is a vast under appreciation for Toner.  So I’d like to take a minute right now to talk about how important and incredible TONER is.  I’ve had a few people tell me recently that they don’t use toner, they don’t think it’s necessary.  My mind = blown.  I blow through toner faster than anything.  It is the step in the process that makes me feel as though my skin is absolutely clean and ready for moisturizer.  Toner gets all the crud that your facial wash doesn’t get (which, by the way people, is a lot!).  I highly recommend using cotton pads rather than cotton balls (as a person who blows through toner, cotton pads are a must because I get more usable toner and less waste.  Plus, you can visibly see all the gunk the toner is grabbing from your skin that your wash didn’t get). There are a million products for making your skin better — exfoliators, hydration, a myriad of moisturizers targeted to do different things.  But if you don’t use your toner, nothing is as effective.  And I mean this seriously.

**Also, a note.  Toner should NOT burn your skin or make your face feel irritated.  Toner is different than astringent.  R+F Toners smell amazing and make your skin feel amazing.  

And finally!

Ladies (and gentlemen) if you are trying out Rodan + Fields, and wondering why you are mortgaging your house for such small little pots of cream and tiny jars of toner, let me remind you of something. First, you are worth it. And your skin is worth it.  And when it comes to great skincare products, less is more.  Each regimen is set up to last about 60 days, but you can squeeze more time out of them if you are diligent with your portions.  AKA, you don’t need a lot to get the job done!  I don’t even squeeze my toner, I just let a couple drops drip out onto  my cotton swab.  And my sponsor sent me my favorite thing ever right when I began using R+F and I’m going to share it here.  Jen, I hope you don’t mind!  I think this is a great visualization of how to make the most of product.


I am absolutely sure I will think of other things and as I do, I’ll try to blog about them, so it’s all there.  I love skincare, I love results and I think about it all a lot — which in turn, could benefit you (especially if you want results without having to do all the trial and error stuff!).

Again, don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions.  I’m here! 🙂


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