let’s hear it for the boy

I meant to hop on here yesterday, but here I am, a day late again.

In 30 days the man and I will be saying “I do” and in honor of that, I thought I’d share a few pics.  It’s a really exciting time ~ but also full of so many things ~ I hope that when I look back I remembered to take enough time to savor it.  It’s a huge promise and one I am humbled to make.  My best friend, my sounding board ~ my partner in crime always.
This was in our very first year of dating.

Is he not the cutest thing in the whole world? Unconditional love.




Us at Longwood Gardens to celebrate my 29th birthday.  We love Christmas!




At Alex’s Lemonade Stand’s Fundraiser, “The Great Chef’s Event.”  We were lucky enough to go in 2010 and 2012. We’ll miss it this year because we will be on our Honeymoon!

 The one time the man got me to dress up for Halloween ~ and I actually had a lot of fun!

One of my favorites ~ Dinner En Blanc Philadelphia last year.  I love that we do fun stuff together like this ~ I’m really hoping it happens again, but so far, I haven’t heard anything.  Makes me sad … but glad we did it last year!


Our four year anniversary last year.  This year, we’re upping the celebrations.  But boy oh boy do I love Va La Vineyards.


This one is an oldy ~ back when my hair was pretty blond!  It’s funny to look at pics and realize that even though you don’t think you’ve changed all that much … you have! I love John’s smile in this picture.  Too bad I look so solemn!



This is funny ~ our very first Art Museum date.  We talked about going from the very first conversation we ever had.  It took us over four years to get there.  Silly us.





One of my all time favorite pictures ~ wearing our football gear, out in Wyoming’s early morning, driving through the parks.  It was such a great trip.


John’s funny face.







My funny face.







He’s the love of my life.  I can’t wait for June 1st.  xoxo



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