oh sandy

The shelves at the grocery store last night ~ I stopped in for a couple things, and didn’t realize how serious the storm was.  Yowza.

Today, the man and I are both working from home, which has been nice ~if you can use ‘nice’ during a category 1 hurricane.  Lucy was very excited at first, but halfway through the morning, she realized that we were both more interested in our computers, and she retreated to her bed to sulk.

I cannot imagine how my mother must have felt when I pulled stuff like that.  As a doggy mummy, I felt wretched.  Finally I set up on the couch, so she could snuggle up beside me.

We just heard that one of the tall ships ~ the Bounty, off the coast of North Carolina ~ has gone down. The crew was evacuated due to Sandy, and 14 are safe, while 2 are missing.  The more we addictively we watch the weather channel, the more worrying it becomes.   I’m dreading when the power finally goes out ~ it’s been predicted to be out for long periods of time.  Which makes me very anxious.

Luckily, so far all the immediate family members are okay, which makes me feel better.

On a lighter note, we had a great tailgate at PSU this weekend, despite the very disappointing loss to Ohio State.  My little bro has a Halloween addiction, so he had pumpkins and was dressed in an amazing costume ~ we also had candy and Halloween cupcake cookies (seriously ~ ah.may.zing) plus incredible pulled pork, butcher sausages and multiple other munchies.

We had additional seats for this game, so the man and I got to watch from the west side of the stadium (a rarity for me ~ we’ve been in EF/ EFU my whole life!).

My daddy, me and Richie Tenenbaum, er, my little brother.

The man and I at half time.  It was a White Out, and we were a little tired (we certainly look it!).  We managed to rally for the second half (it didn’t help PSU) and we were there to sing the Alma Mater post-game.  Bill O’Brien is a cool, classy coach.

My brother’s pumpkins … sadly, we had to leave them behind.  But they were pretty cool.  And he carved them all free-hand, which was uber impressive.  He’s a talented guy, my little bro.


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