flash blizzard & strong drink

Yesterday afternoon, after spending the morning at Jefferson Hospital’s Heart Health Day, I packed a bag for Lucy, and the two of us headed south to my parents for a dinner of Haggis and Mashed Neeps.

The haggis had originally been purchased for Rabbie Burns Day a few weeks ago, but I’d finagled my darling parents into coming to my house to visit with my brother and his lady, so the haggis had gone uneaten.  (Instead, we’d enjoyed Crab Stuffed Tilapia, boiled baby potatoes and green beans … yummers).

It sounded like a relaxing Saturday night, and as Lucy had never visited her Grandparents before, it was also an excellent socializing opportunity.  And if I timed it properly, we’d be home in time for a blog post and a snuggle on the couch before heading to bed.

Into Lucy’s bag went dinner, her Dragon, her antler chew toy, a blanket, her kitchen bed (not to be confused with her bedroom bed), and some water from home.  For safe measure, I also brought her big, blue collar (which she should have been wearing to prevent her from licking or scratching her incision, but she hated it so much I took it off).  Better safe than sorry.

We hooked up “A Clash of Kings” and settled in for the drive.  There were a few flurries in the sky, but all seemed okay.  After we turned off the highway, I pulled over to fill up my gas tank (it’s SO much cheaper near my parents house).

And then the weather just … well … completely changed.  The wind picked up, and Rooney Cooper was pushed around the road.  The big, wet flakes that had earlier been dancing to the ground became an angry squall of blinding white.  The temperature dropped nearly eight degrees in less than ten minutes, and we slowed to a crawl as we slid on the curving country roads.

It was a long twenty minutes to finish the drive.  My mother called as we pulled into the driveway.  My father had arrived home just a little bit before me (he’d been Lucy-sitting while I worked), and the driveway hadn’t had any snow on it. As I pulled in, and slid sideways a little, it was a slick sheet of ice and snow.  As we tumbled inside the house and stamped snow from our feet (well, Lucy was ‘detained’ and politely allowed her Nonna to wipe off her paws), my mother said matter-of-factly, “Well, you’re not driving home tonight!”

We did have a great night.  Lucy was very well behaved (despite not sleeping through the night), the Haggis and Mashed Neeps were delicious, and breakfast of fried eggs, sausage and English muffins with Marmalade was scrumptious.  It’s always nice to go home and be spoiled a little bit.

The pup and I hit the road shortly after breakfast and were home before 1p, at which point I collapsed on the sofa and we had a nice little afternoon nap.  I awoke with a deep craving for Bourbon Balls (a decadent dessert introduced to me by Minda).  So I made some. It’s really the only logical thing to do when all the ingredients are in the cupboard. Now it’s time for the penultimate installment Downton Abbey (it’s extended!), some Bourbon Balls, and some cuddling with the pupster.

In case you’d like some Bourbon Balls, too ~ here’s how!

What you Need: 

1 box Nilla Wafers (10.75oz)

1 lb shelled Walnuts or Pecans (Minda does half and half and it’s sublime)

1/2 c. Honey

1/2 c. Bourbon

1/4 c. White Rum

1/4 c. Brandy

Powdered Sugar

What to Do: 

1. Combine Nilla Wafers and nuts in a food processor.

2.  When fully chopped, add honey and alcohol.  Mix together.

3.  Roll into balls and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

4.  Refrigerate.  Enjoy at your leisure.

**If you have time, refrigerate the batter after mixing, and about an hour later, roll into balls.  It will make the process much easier, and less messy.




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