low key Friday

Today was a gorgeous, albeit windy, day in downtown Philadelphia, and I was lucky enough to have spent a lot of it outside.  I hit up the downtown TJ’s for dinner inspiration (aka, one of the man and my favorite treats ) and in a few minutes, we are going to get in the Mini Cooper and head outta Dodge.

A lot of times on a Friday, I get the sudden urge as Happy Hour approaches, to sidle up to a bar somewhere and enjoy a few week-ending libations.  But for tonight, I’m looking forward to TJ treats, curry dipping sauce, and some really good juice (which we will pick up at the local Wine & Spirits store on our journey home).

Additionally, we have decided on a Boardwalk Empire marathon (we have all the new eps on the DVR, but haven’t, up until this point, gotten further in that one episode).  It feels nice to have a low-key plan ~ I’m looking forward to the R & R.