huh what

This morning I was appropriately on the ball (minus not making it to yoga again … but I’m warming it up … six a.m. is early).  There is something seriously satisfying about having breakfast, taking all my meds (whew!), having a packed lunch and being dressed for work and out the door on time.

I just didn’t think about the traffic.

To the city, to the restaurant and then back out to the office was a full two and half hours.  By the time I rolled into my office I was frazzled, frustrated and completely unmotivated.

Which made my boss’s appearance … twice!! … so amazingly unbelievable.

Today felt like a roller coaster ride … and I kept having to stop, take a breath and remind myself not to freak out.  Ever have a moment (this could come completely from me being a total control freak) when you feel as though life has begun balancing out … and then you’re back in the deep end again, not sure which way is up?

That’s how today felt.  Despite it’s auspicious beginnings.

By the end of the day only a quarter of my to-do list was done, I have less than 30 days to vacate my office and I was told quite bluntly that none of my decorating choices were welcome in our new space.  Ouch.  (Tact … maybe something my boss did not employ today at my expense).

But then I think about the day, and all the worries, and even though it sort of … well, sucked  … I’d take a dozen days like today over another day when my legs just don’t work.  So that really helps with perspective.  And it makes me laugh.  And that is good.

Having sushi helped, too.  Perspective, right? 🙂