daily gratitude

I’m not always the biggest fan of social media (let me also clarify that, along with most of the population, I am somewhat addicted to it).  Sometimes, though, social media offers up something truly worthwhile ~ something a little bit better than a glorified chain letter.

Today, I saw the beginnings of something I think we should all do regardless of the time of year ~ but Thanksgiving inspires it, so for that, I am thankful.

Multiple people online were listing things they are grateful for by day.  The idea is to do it every day until Thanksgiving.  I liked it so much, I figured I’d bring it to the blog.

November 1st ~

I am grateful for power (aka electricity).  When you are deprived of something, it becomes startlingly clear how much you rely upon it.  I am grateful for all the creature comforts I daily take for granted.  I am thankful that despite the devastating aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, she helped me remember how lucky I am for all that I have.

November 2nd ~

I am grateful for John.  We have spent the past three plus years building a life together in our snug apartment and every day I am reminded of how amazing it is to share a life with my best friend.  I haven’t always been so lucky, and because of that, I think it helps me to appreciate what ‘good‘ feels like.  It’s easy to take your person for granted, to take out your frustrations and daily irritations on that person because he’s there day in and day out.  It’s also sad to see people together who clearly make each other miserable ~ who only see the other’s faults and spend their time picking at the other, spot-lighting their partner’s failings.

I am eternally grateful that we found each other, and that despite some misgivings from my friends due to my previous relationship, and some bumps at the beginning, we were smart enough to recognize our souls in each other.  He is my sounding board, the yin to my yang, the voice of reason to my irrationality.  He protects me when I am afraid, supports me when my wings feel frail, and loves me even when I am my most ugly.  Today, I am most grateful for him.